Miss Plano: Christine Tang

Title: Plano

Name: Christine Tang

Hometown: Plano

Age: 22

Talent: Piano

Platorm Topic: Stand Up for Life

Sponsor: Miss Plano Frisco Scholarship Organization

Executive Director: Cynthia Fennell and Ricardo Tomas

Hobbies: Spending time with the Lord, Piano, Ballet, Exotic travels, Reading great literature, Yoga, Cooking, Shooting firearms, Old vinyl dance parties with my sister, Bargain shopping

What makes you special and unique: As a 2nd generation Chinese American, I was raised in the best of both worlds, which taught me how to blend the traditional core values of my heritage with the modern culture of today.  This taught me how to connect with and appeal to a wide range of people on different levels with various backgrounds.

Most valuable lesson learned: My pastor once said, “Purpose is where your passion meets the world’s needs.”  At 18, I realized I represented something much more than myself and began exploring how I might leave the world better than when I came.  This lesson continues to provide me with direction, focus, and meaning; it is one of the primary reasons I am here competing for the title of Miss Texas 2012.