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Miss Texas 2016 Placements and Awards



Miss Texas 2015 Caroline Carothers Plano
First Runner Up Margana Wood Houston
Second Runner Up Sydney Webster Lubbock
Third Runner Up Madison Fuller Park Cities
Fourth Runner Up Jizyah Shorts Sam Houston
Sixth Place Chera Chaney Abilene Christian University
Seventh Place Cora Drozd Collin County
Eighth Place Hannah Uhlig Central Texas
Ninth Place  Katelyn Marak North Texas
Tenth Place Spencer Davis Richardson
Eleventh Place Kaitlyn  Ayrton Grand Prairie
Twelfth Place Bailey Tate Midland Odessa
Thirteenth Place Brittany Tew Dallas
Fourteenth Place Catherine Hicks DFW
Fifteenth Place Christina Dillon Austin

Caroline Carothers    Overall Interview Plano
Margana Wood Preliminary Fitness Houston
  Overall Fitness  
  Overall Evening Wear  
  Rookie of the Year  
Madison Fuller Preliminary Fitness Park Cities
Sydney Webster Preliminary Fitness Lubbock
Jessica Zeller Non-finalist Talent Woodlands
  Overall Talent  
  Rookie Non-finalist Talent  
Chera Chaney    Quality of Life Abilene Christian University
Brittany Tew Academic Interview Dallas
Jessica Zeller Community Service Woodlands
Ashton Meeks    Highest GPA – STEM Brownfield
Julia Stricklin     Highest GPA – Business Baylor’s Green & Gold
Sydney Webster Highest GPA – Communications Lubbock
Carissa Peterson                   Highest GPA – Law Mansfield
Chera Chaney    Highest GPA – Arts Abilene Christian University
Caroline Carothers    Highest GPA – Education Plano
Brittany Tew Non-finalist Interview Dallas
Ashton Meeks    Overall GPA       Brownfield
Kaitlyn Ayrton People’s Choice Grand Prairie
Bailey Tate         People’s Choice Midland Odessa
Jewel Le Blanc   Congeniality Allen
Hannah Uhlig    Photogenic Central Texas

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